God has Called Me  

Posted by Davina Douglass

I sit here wondering what to say...if anything to explain my absence from writing the newsletter. I would like to say that I have been busy doing God's will with other ministry activities but I haven't...I would like to say that I was called to take some time off and be refilled again but I wasn't...I would like to say a lot of things that would make my time away from the calling I was given to the "Mysteries of the Scroll Revealed" newsletter be okay but there isn't anything to say outside from the truth...which is I just haven't been obedient to the call of God in this area in a long time. I'm not real sure what happened other than I let life get me down and change my focus on the priorities of my life. I haven't by any means fallen out of my walk with the Lord...I still attend soaking on Monday nights, church several times a week, and worship and pray all the time...but as far as ministry activities go I've fallen real short of where God needs me to be. I just read back through all the past newsletters and sit here amazed that I actually wrote them all...it just goes to show what you are capable of doing when you let God in the driver’s seat or in my case...allow Him to lay His hands on my keyboard and type.

I want to start back again with the newsletter and I am not real sure just exactly how it is going to work and what God is going to do but I will start this newsletter with a word I received from the Lord several months ago during a soaking session...I hope you are blessed by this word and I pray that it speaks to your spirit man as much as it does to mine...and once again I Thank You for all your prayers.

I've Called You 

I’ve called you to be an encourager and to bring peace and joy into all those who you come into contact with so don’t lose your focus and look inward always look upward and you will always be who I’ve called you to be.

Great and mighty things of my Kingdom are yours for the taking, just be patient and stay focused on me. Take authority over all your carnal thoughts and ways and never let them take up residence in a vessel they don’t belong in. You were not made to be destroyed, but yet to stand tall and strong and show forth my glory in all you do. So stand tall in my authority and war through prayer, intercede and take authority over your life and take back what the enemy has taken. He already knows that he is defeated but don’t think for a moment that he will ever concede defeat and leave you alone because as long as he thinks there is a chance he will fight just as hard as you fight back. But you will overcome him by the word of your testimony of forgiveness and love and he will be washed out of your life by the blood of the lamb who fights the hardest for all that is yours, to become yours once and for all. Don’t think one more day that you’ve missed my voice speaking to you because even if you miss me I’m real good at finding another place to speak to you and I do not give up talking until you hear me and take in all I have for you. Never doubt that I will falter or fail to get through to you because I fail not. I am the great I am and you are my great I am and I love you with an everlasting love.

My Beloved Followers