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Word of Prophecy

Hear Me

My people, who are called by my name, hear what I have to say. Hear me as I speak to you through the wind in the trees, through the water in the brooks, through the Holy Spirit that flows through you. Find me in all the things that are around you. Find me in all you do throughout the day. Find me and listen to me diligently and do not hesitate to do as I say, and go where I go. I will guide you in the path of righteousness, never veering to the right or to the left. I will never forsake your path of righteousness nor let the enemy overtake you if you will only listen to my words and diligently obey them. May my words abide in you as my Holy Spirit abides in you! May the words of my heart be the breath of life you long for! May the endurance of my promises be an everlasting fount to draw from! May you never grow weary of the revelation and wisdom that comes from the Glory of my presence you find all around you! May you forever find me in all you do and all you are, my beloved people of today, tomorrow and forever!

New Facebook Bible Study Group  

Posted by Davina Douglass

Welcome my Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ to Mysteries of the Scroll Revealed a bible study ministry of Right Hand World Treasures. God laid this ministry (Right Hand World Treasures) on my heart years ago...back in 2009 I started a blogspot called Mysteries of the Scroll Revealed...I posted off and on for several years but was never committed to the calling. But after much prayer I believe this is the year to get Committed!! So Thank You for joining me in this journey...Please know that this is a safe place to share and fellowship with like minded believers. I hope to have opportunities for us to get together in real time to fellowship and meet and greet...but until then let's enjoy what the Good Lord has given us through His Word :) Please like and follow:

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