Run Away with Me  

Posted by Davina Douglass

I received this word from the Lord during an art class that Nathalie Kelley was teaching in Odessa, TX on October 9, 2010 for the participants...we all know that God has no favorites...what he does for one He is willing to do for ALL...Be Blessed!!!

Run away with me my children, run away.  Run to the farthest corners of this world to find me, I will be there.  I will be waiting to embrace you, to embrace your worth, your talents, your wealth, your knowledge.  I will embrace it all.  It is your time to run with me, to run the race I have placed in longer my child -Run - Run like the wind - Run to find me and I will be there waiting to release the creativity I have placed inside you from the foundation of the first creation of my hands.  You are my creation and in you I will release creativity, I will release through you the fundamental principles you have been longing for, waiting for, and most of all praying for.  I have heard your cry, I have heard your crying in the night.  I have seen your tears and I am ready to release you.  Come to me and receieve your release.  Come to me - Run - run to me my children.

>>>A more specific word from the Lord:

There are some of you who have been wondering around in the wilderness of creativity and unsure of how you can possibly be used for the good of the Kingdom.  But the Lord would say to is time to come forth to the bounty of the wealth of creativity He has in store for you.  He is ready to release you into greater areas...make yourself ready.  Start spending more time in His presence, seeking His face, create what He gives you, and be released to be creative in the Wonderful - Powerful - Mighty Name of Jesus!!

Psalm 19:12-14
Who can understand his errors?  Cleanse me from secret faults.

Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins;  Let them not have dominion over me.  Then I shall be blameless, and I shall be innocent of great transgression.

Let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

Be Blessed so you can be a Blessing!!

Come Out of Hiding  

Posted by Davina Douglass

Oh, ye of little faith, where are you when I need you.  Where are you hiding and why?  Why is it when I look to and fro I do not find you?  Are you afraid, are you weary, or do you not care?  I need you to do my will and without you others lack my peace and prosperity.  There are blessings I can only disperse through you.  How long must others wait to be blessed because of you?  How much longer till the cup is able to be poured out because of you?

My heart grows weary from waiting...but wait I will.  I shall wait on you to come forth, to come out of hiding, to commit yourself to me.  But just remember the longer you wait the less you can be used to grow My Kingdom.  Think of all those around you in need, in want, in lack, in hurt, without you really want to be responsible for their lack...really?  Or do you want to share in their wealth, happiness, joy, peace, long suffering, health, maturity, forgiveness and so on...I am ready to open the heaven's and pour out more than you could ever obtain in your lifetime and all those who I give you charge over. When will you come out of hiding, today, tomorrow?

I am here and waiting, waiting earnestly on you my beloved.  I will continue to search to and fro until i find you.  Please do not keep me waiting any longer.  You are my beloved and I long to be your All in All.

John 5:17
But Jesus answered them, "My Father has been working until now, and I have been working."

Are you in hiding from Jesus?  Is He having to work all alone, without you?
If so, is it time to come out of hiding and join Him?  Is today your day...our day? 

Dear Lord,

I thank you for this word of rebuke...I thank you that you love us enough to speak to us where we are at.  I thank you that you will shed light on every hiding place we have...that as the days go by one by one our hiding places are revealed and thus destroyed.  I thank you that in the end the only hiding place we have is no longer considered a place of escape from your presence but one of great pleasure and abundance in your presence.  I look forward to being able to truly say that You ARE my All in All.

In your precious name, Jesus....Amen!

My Beloved Followers