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From the Desk of Davina Douglass:

I want to welcome and thank each one of you for your friendship and participation in this endeavor. As I prayed and asked the Lord to show me what the first newsletter would be about, He spoke to me the word “History”…which came to mean that I will be sharing with you My History from salvation up until now to give you a better understanding of why He has commissioned me to do such a work as this for such a time as this.

I moved back to Texas, from Kansas, in May of 2001 with my husband and three children after my mother passed away from liver disease. I was not walking with the Lord at this time. I had walked the aisle as a young child, been baptized in water but all I knew was that there was a God…nothing of Jesus.

I continued pursuing my educational degree by enrolling at ACU in Abilene. During my first semester there I was totally confused by what the scriptures would show to me but yet there was an eagerness to find out more about them. Little did I know then that God was pouring oil onto a fire I didn’t even know existed!

The day was December 21, 2001 and I along with all my family was at my in laws having Christmas when I started questioning the scriptures. I asked my father in law, Doug, about Revelation 3:16, not fully understanding what God meant by lukewarm. As we talked and shared our thoughts Doug stopped and asked me if I was to die tonight would I be certain that I would go to heaven and of course I did not. So without delay Doug and my mother in law, Donna, quickly lead me through the prayer of salvation. It was from that moment on that I chose to make Jesus, Lord of my life. Just a few days later Doug & Donna gave me what has come to be my favorite book, a NKJV bible.

Then for my birthday in April of 2002 Doug & Donna gave me what has come to be my second favorite book, a Strong’s Concordance. I had never seen nor heard of such a book. But there was something about that book that excited the spirit man in me. I asked Donna what the book was and what I was to do with it and as she explained she said this…Doug believes that every good prophet needs a strong’s concordance…and of course I was confused…what do you mean I asked…everyone knows that prophets are not well liked and they live hard lives (all I knew so far from reading the bible) (and all I could think was…God I’m not well liked as it is and this is what you give me???) But Donna went on to explain that Doug had said from the first time he met me that I was called to the prophetic because everything was black and white to me there was no gray…no lukewarm. Needless to say I wasn’t sure what all this meant but I was soon to find out.

From that night on I have had a fire inside of me that can only be fed by the word of God. I devour everything I can read about the Holy Trinity, and I leave nothing to chance when it comes to the scripture. I use my Strong’s to find out exactly what God said in both the Hebrew and Greek and I also use a dictionary along with the internet to research everything I can on the scripture also. I want to leave nothing to chance when it comes to the word of the Lord.

It wasn’t very long after this that God started using people everywhere I went to declare the prophetic in my life and it didn’t take me long to see that I was drawn to the prophetic. But a prophet I was not……or so I thought.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

WOW…what an awesome fate we hold in our hands for those who have children…my life had not been easy or good up to this point and I certainly did not want to do anything to hurt my children. They were all I had. So this scripture only increased the desire to be more knowledgeable in all that God would have for me and it also created in me a need for a pure heart to live righteous before Him.

But even with all that I woke up one day to find myself lost and alone, so I thought. I had allowed myself to be consumed by work; I was literally at work more than I was at home with my children. I allowed satan to start taking from me everything I held dear. I thought I was doing the right thing being a single mother and all, but I wasn’t. The right thing to do is ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING make God your priority; but I failed at this, and I along with my children suffered. I allowed my time with God and being in His word to stop except for what little I received on Sunday mornings and even that didn’t take root since all I had on my mind was getting back to work. Once I had realized what had happened it was too late to correct some of the damage but just in time for the rest to be corrected.

The next few years were not easy but I made it my PRIORITY to put God first in everything I did. I got back into reading His word and studying even though I found it hard. I pushed and I persevered and I know that without the prayers of the wonderful friends in my life it would have been even harder. But as time went on things got better and life was good again. I was back to the point where people were calling me a prophet and telling me to journal the things the Lord was sharing with me for future use. I did some but not all. I still wasn’t sure about being called to the office of a Prophet. Why me Lord, is all I could ask?

It wasn’t until the summer of this last year (2008) when Pam Wilson asked me to give a talk on her community walk that things changed for me. She asked me to give the talk “Growth through Study” which at first seemed to be an easy task to take on. Besides, God spoke to me the day Pam told me she had accepted the position of Lay Director that I would be giving a talk so I was ready. I had given other talks on other walks before with no problems, most being written the night before I was to give them at the team meeting and very little changing before the walk itself and the talks being well received. And with this being on study, I had it made…No problem, right>>>WRONG!!!!!!!

I struggled with this talk more than I could have ever imagined I would. I could not for the life of me get anything on paper that made sense. It wasn’t until I found myself desperate and in tears that God spoke to me and said, “Write what I have for you and leave man’s words till later”. Within 6 hours I had the talk written without the guideline (man’s words) and once I was allowed to add those words into the talk it took me more time to intertwine them then it did to write God’s part. It was at that moment that God quickened in my spirit man the concept of how important it is to ONLY abide in His words and NOT in man’s words because they will fail you.

During this time of struggle and success God also gave me the inspiration to start journaling everything He gives me, in great detail, so I can have it to share with others when needed. I started to see myself as possibly being able to accept the call of a Prophet…I was no longer running, just walking fast.

At the walk it was confirmed by more than two people that I was to be sharing the knowledge I have obtained from the scripture to others. So as I was driving to work the following Monday, I asked the Lord for confirmation in scripture and He of course gave me Ephesians 3:9 (scripture is at top of Newsletter). Didn’t need to be much clearer than that so that was the day I started praying about the newsletter and a few days later was given the title “Mysteries of the Scroll Revealed”. God also used a song to confirm to me what He was doing from a CD I had purchased from a conference I had attended back in the summer. The name of the song is “Revealer of Mysteries” and He has given me many other confirmations through out the days since then…He knows just how much we need and He is always willing to give when we receive in Gratitude.

The last few weeks of 2008 have been exciting weeks for me in my walk with the Lord. I attend on Monday nights, soaking sessions, where we soak to music and Expect God to show up and give us visions, and the interpretations through the written word. For months I never really got anything and it could at times be depressing for me…but one night he released to me faster than I could write and then the next time not only did I receive words for me but for others in the group and it has been so EXCITING for me to see Him work. I received a word from a dear sister that stated that the anointing would be in the Pen and God has certainly released that in me. I have stopped walking fast and am now only taking the steps I need to keep up with the Lord so I don’t miss anything He has for me. I look forward to being called a Prophet and am praying to stand worthy of this calling. I desire nothing more than to be ALL He has called me to be and to do nothing LESS than what He commands me to do. I look forward to being able to release the mysteries He is ready to reveal to us from His scroll.

Here is a word He gave me a few weeks ago during a Monday soaking session:

You will marry my child (speaking of Jesus) soon…

There will be a marriage of My holy spirit with the word in your life.

They will become one and cleave to you.

They will not depart from your presence.

They will impregnate you with the power to reveal mysteries that have been hidden in my word.

You will give birth to new realities of my covenant that I have established from the foundation of the word (refers to Jesus again).

You will release to my people a new vision by child like faith that will enable nations to be set free from my wrath.

I will deliver to your hand wealth, riches of knowledge; vast deposits of anointing are yours for the taking.

Take them my child, take them and use them, receive this mantle of the word I have for you.

No longer wait, No longer want, NO LONGER, NO LONGER!!!

I release you to be all I’ve called you to, all you are is all of me, no longer shall you want, no longer shall you need, no longer, it stops with me.

See me for who I am.

See me for what I do.

See me for who you are.

I AM that I AM…

I receive this word for myself, but I also release this word unto you. Receive it beloved; receive the mantle of the word He has for you. God is no respecter of person, what He has called me to do He can and will equip you to do also.

I appreciate each one of you for your patience and prayers that have so generously given me the excitement to take on this task. Please continue to pray for this ministry to help me reach all the Nations of God.

Blessings and Much Love, Davina Douglass

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